Considering enrolling on my 8 Week ‘Self Pleasure Journey‘?

Check out this video, from week 1 of the course, to get a sense of what you can expect.

Follow along with this practice in mindful masturbation...

Applying it to masturbation:

This on it’s own could be your 15 minute mindful masturbation practice for the day, OR, you could do whatever you might normally do during masturbation but set an intention to begin with three ‘sweeps’ from top-to-toe and end with another three ‘sweeps’. Give it a try and get curious about how this changes your experience of sensation, arousal, relaxation and pleasure.

This video is taken from my online course ‘My Self Pleasure Journey’. For more practices like this, including guided massage for your genitals, your breasts and the whole of your body, visit the course page and enrol today.

This course is an in-depth, hands-on education in self-touch, self-pleasure and mindful masturbation. This is everything I wish that I had been gifted and encouraged to explore as a sensually and sexually awakening teenager. It’s everything I’ve learned and realised through my work with thousands of clients, in my role as an Intimacy Coach and Sensual Massage Therapist, over the past 7 years. 

This course will help you re-wire the negative, unhealthy, conditioning around ‘masturbation’ that leads to so many of our sexual dysfunction issues. 

You will learn how to feel more relaxed, more confident and more excited by your body and it’s potential for pleasure. 

You’ll be given the space to overcome shame, feel more confident in your skin, and be able to enjoy self-pleasuring as a healthy part of your sex life.

You deserve this – we all do.

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