Do you want the sex life of your dreams?
Start by having better sex with yourself.

Try a taster of the course material: 

  • 6 foundation practices to bring more mindfulness to your masturbation
  • 20 minute guided massage practice for genitals

Take a deep dive into mindful masturbation: 

  • 8 week online course with 3 practices per week, 
  • Guided video lessons for genital touch, breast massage and more

Meet your masturbation coach...

This course is for you if...

You feel shame, guilt or embarrassment:

You’re ready to let go of these limiting beliefs and conditionings around masturbation/sex/your body, that most of us inherited in childhood and adolescence.

Self-Pleasure is a bit boring and unsatisfying:

You’re not sure what you’re doing wrong but masturbation just leaves you feeling unsatisfied.

You feel a bit lost when it comes to touching yourself:

You’re overly reliant on your vibrator, porn or fantasy but you don’t know what else to do.

You don't know what you want or how to turn yourself on:

This affects your intimate relationships and experiences with others.

Your orgasms feel a bit lacklustre, or are non-existent:

Masturbation only lasts about 10 minutes or you feel you can’t relax enough, let go and get out of your head.

You really enjoy masturbation:

Maybe even more than partnered sex, and you want to keep learning and trying new things!

By the end of this 8 week journey you will...


Understand your old patterns around masturbation and how to build new ones.


Be able to use the foundations of breath, sound and movement to take a more relaxed and joyful approach to masturbation.


Use simple meditation practices to be more aware of your body and regulate your arousal levels - overcoming premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, anorgasmia and vaginismus.


Be able to touch yourself in a variety of ways, waking up to full body touch and the ecstatic pleasure that can bring.


Have a repertoire of new, delicious and sensual genital touch techniques - all demonstrated on real bodies throughout the course.


Release shame and guilt around pleasure, your body and arousal that manifest as negative body image, lack of sexual confidence, performance anxiety and people-pleasing.


Be on your way to multiorgasmic states and more blissful, sustained and meaningful intimate lives.


Have practical tools to make self-pleasuring a mindful and integrated part of your daily or weekly routine.


Have met some pretty cool people who also want to learn more about themselves and the art of mindful masturbation!

Facts and FAQ's

Take a sneak peak at the curriculum and content...

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