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The courses are designed for 'on demand' access. That means there is no fixed start date - you just enrol and begin exploring the content at your own pace. It also means there is no fixed duration to the course. You can move through as fast or slow as you wish!

So, whether you want to work through it all in one weekend (very possible) or draw it out over days, weeks or can be flexible.

My recommendation is that you take your time and PRACTICE the skills, exercises and touch techniques as part of a regular mindful approach to sex and intimacy.
Yes, absolutely! The courses are designed to help anyone and everyone feel more confident with touching and massaging.

Giving your romantic or intimate partner a massage doesn't have to be complicated, 'structured' or follow a specific routine. I am not teaching you to be a massage therapist, I'm sharing simple ways that you can make conscious, loving touch a more integrated part of your sexual experience.
Yes, absolutely! The content is designed to help you explore and deepen your understanding of touch, intimacy and connection. I'm confident there will be at least a few new 'techniques' to take away in relation to genital/intimate touch.
Yes, absolutely! You can enrol on either the Male AND Female Genitals course, or just the Male OR Female Genitals course. All courses include practices and suggestions for self-touch that are relevant for everyone.

You will learn and increase your confidence by watching the video tutorials, and if you want to physically practice (but don't have a partner) then I suggest using a dildo or fleshlight as a substitution.
Many courses in intimate massage do not actually demonstrate on real genitals - so you don't get a sense of how to integrate intimate/sexual touch with the rest of the body. My approach and teaching helps you to blend genital touch with full body sensation for a deeper pleasure experience.

Additionally, the courses are delivered in a friendly, 'no-nonsense' tone. No overly 'Spiritual' language, nothing salacious or pornographic. Just real, honest advice on how you can develop your sex life by including better touch.
The genital massage courses do not specifically cover techniques or demonstrations of squirting (female ejaculation). They do include massage techniques for the G-spot which can be helpful in supporting your partner to relax more, and have more internal sensation (which can lead to the experience of squirting).
These courses are not focussed on the goal of orgasm, rather they are a way for you to increase the amount of sensation and relaxation you can experience in your genitals. So, whilst I do not list a '3 step process to orgasm' etc, if practiced and enjoyed without attachment to a specific outcome, the touch and massage techniques I outline in the course will help you to access deeper experiences of orgasm.
All the video teaching for genital massage techniques is tastefully demonstrated on real people, so you do see naked bodies. I (Libby), as the facilitator, am never naked.
Please be aware that I am not a trained medical professional - you should absolutely check with your midwife or doctor if you have questions about what is OK during pregnancy.

External genital massage is absolutely fine all the way through pregnancy, and will also really help to reduce the risks of tearing during labour. It's advised to wait until after 12 weeks for internal touch and to keep it 'shallow' (i.e. avoid the cervix) until at least 2 weeks before your due date.

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