Male & Female Genital Massage
BASIC Access


The complete guide: learn how to touch and massage male and female genitals with confidence.

Over two hours of easy to follow video tutorials and 80+ touch techniques.

Basics of Anatomy and Essentials of Communication.

Practical tips for setting the mood, staying relaxed and letting go of goals.

Learn in your own time at home, LIFETIME ACCESS.

Male & Female Genital Massage
VIP Access


Access to the full BASIC course content, PLUS a private 1 hour coaching call with Libby.

Personalise your learning experience with expert guidance and support.

Expand your giving and receiving skills with bespoke coaching.

Ask questions about the material and deepen your understanding.

Intimate Couple

Male & Female Genital Massage


This mini-course covers the basic principles of intimate touch with a focus on genital massage:

A one-hour taster of the full courses outlined above.

Foundations of ‘good touch’.

Simple tips for amazing intimate massage.

4 genital touch techniques for male genitals, 4 for female genitals.

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