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Welcome to the healing and pleasure available in your breasts!

Give your breasts some love...

Regardless of gender and the size or shape of your breasts and nipples, they are a gateway to orgasmic sensation and deep pleasure. 

Many people discount the wonder and beauty of their breasts and nipples and are missing out on an abundance of sensation and stimulation. Breasts change with our cycles of life and provide a wide variety of potential pleasure. There are over 100 nerve endings in each nipple, stimulating the same part of your brain as your clitoris and vagina (ref), making orgasm from nipple stimulation alone a possibility for both men and women. 

How to give yourself a breast massage...

Begin adding your breasts into your mindful masturbation practice by spending time with them every day, caressing or massaging them. Notice the sensations and what arises for you as you touch or look at your breasts. Send love and gratitude to this precious part of your body. 

As part of your mindful masturbation practice you might like to explore some or all of the following techniques: 

Warm up the area – begin by caressing your chest area before actually touching your breasts. Glide your hands over your body and set your intention. Circle your hands over your sternum and pec muscles. Connect with your heart and genitals. 

Circles – placing two or three fingers flat on your nipples, gently circle your touch in one direction and then the other. You can massage one breast or nipple at a time or both. Play with what feels pleasurable for you. Remember to maintain your awareness and presence. Deepen the sensations with your breath, sound or movement. Start in the centre of your nipples and move out. And then back in again. 

A variation on this stroke is to start on the outside of your breasts and with the flat tips of your fingers make small spirals as you gradually move in to the centre.

Four Directions – using the palm of your hands stroke across your breast in each of the four directions. North, South, East and West. Notice which direction feels the most pleasurable.

Kneading – With the base of your palms, knead your breasts like you would bread dough. Explore pressure – what sort of pressure and pace do your breasts feel they need today. Notice if there are places within your breast that feel more sensitive than others.

Flatten and stroke – Using both hands place one hand flat on the top of your breast and other flat hand on the underside. Gently stroke both hands together towards the nipple. You might like to try this stroke on the sides of your breast also. Swap to the others breast.

Cupping – Cup your breasts in your hands and move the whole breast in a circle. Then try the other direction. Notice what sensations arise in your body as you move your way through the strokes. How are other parts of your body responding to this touch? 

Under stroke – With one hand cup one breast and gently lift it so that you have access to the skin underneath your breast. Using your other hand stoke under the breast. Explore with different directions. Add some gentle scratching with nails and notice what sensations arise for you. Play with breath, pressure and moving the sensations through your body. 

Meridians – you can explore and massage the kidney meridian that runs through your breasts by moving your hands from the top of your throat, down between your breasts and then in underneath your breasts. Explore moving energy through this meridian with intention and awareness. 

Shaking – cup each breast with your full hand and shake. Awaken your breasts with this movement. Maybe add sound and see where the rest of your body might like to move also. 

Inside out – Move your hands, palms, nails, whatever feels good for you from the space in between your breasts outwards. Include your breast in this stroke and notice how the rest of your body responds. As you make this opening movement through your chest, feel the connection to your shoulders, neck and the space between your shoulder blades. This is often a space of great tension and tightness. Notice if there are any emotional responses and if so, allow them to be expressed. 

Squeezing the nipple – Nipples are the epicentre of the breast and stimulating them activates not only our endocrine system but also aids in lubrication of our genitals. Roll your nipples between your finger tips and notice where you feel this in your body. Slowly increase the pressure and begin to squeeze the nipple pulling it slightly forward. Span your fingers outward from the centre of the nipple massaging each of the directions. Notice where you feel the most sensation in your nipple and what is most stimulating for you.

Full body pleasure...

Breathe the energy and sensation of your breasts and nipples through your body. Enjoy the oxytocin you have produced and maybe even speak some loving words to them if you feel moved to.

You might like to add some other textures to your breast exploration practice. Explore different fabrics or objects of warmth and coolness. Play with intensity of sensation paying attention to what feels connecting and pleasurable to you. You might like to explore things like nipple clamps, feathers, ice…there are many other possibilities. Give yourself permission to explore and enjoy.


Sensation on the nipples lights up the brain in the same way as the clitoris and genitals! Stimulating the breasts releases oxytocin and increases blood flow to the genitals. Our breasts and nipples might be a starting place for arousal or can be used to further increase existing arousal.

The key to ‘nipple-gasms’ is to take your time, go slow. Begin and pay attention from the outside in. Resist going straight for the nipple and allow yourself time to slowly and patiently work your way there. Stimulate the periphery of your breasts moving very slowly. Maybe begin with very light touch, warming up the areas, teasing, opening to the possibilities to come. 

If you’re interested in exploring the pleasure in your breasts then booking a session with me can be a great step. You can drop me an email on elizabeth@touchofhappiness.co.uk

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